Relentless Hope: An Ode to my Mom (#32)

It seems like another life, but really it was just three years ago that my mom was diagnosed with stage IV Cancer.  And, in case you don’t know what the stages are, 4 is the worst, outside of death.  Whatever the stage, though, as soon as you hear those six little letters (cancer), you think death.  This was the day my world changed forever.

Relationships Redefined: Limitations vs. Limitless (#30)

One of the most difficult things about self-betterment is how much it affects your day to day relationships.  As one changes so will your relationships.  It’s a fact.  For me, this has been rather challenging in regards to my healthier self because it's difficult to redefine boundaries within established relationships.  We have all heard the cliché that your friends reflect who you are so what do you do when you change and they don’t?

Is That Your Woo? #29

According to Webster's Dictionary, Woo, transitive verb. 1: to sue for the affection of and usually marriage with: court 2: to try to attract: to attempt to persuade.

As a group, we decided to ring in the New Year on a boat cruising around the San Francisco Bay.  Perfect weather, a slight chill with low wind, no fog, and no rain, it was nothing short of spectacular, especially when the fireworks exploded around the cityscape.  Wowsers!  We ate, drank and danced until the wee hours of the morning.  The evening felt like spun magic because for me, it’s a much needed new beginning. 

Body Image: A New Year's Resolution, Reframed! (#28)

I was asked recently about body image and how I handled this issue.  It was strange because at first, I drew a blank.  Of course, I have body issues.  I was a woman, after all.  It was practically our birth right to be insecure.  But, I’ve observed that men were just as affected as us so I decided to sit on the subject, mulling it over.