Me: My Own Worst Enemy (#13)

I remember the moment that I truly realized how mean I was to myself.  Granted, I always knew that I was self-destructive, but for some reason, I failed to connect the dots in regards to what that meant.  It was my first retreat to Bodega Bay with my community service group.  There were more than 30 girls in a single house, all of us connected by a desire to help the children in our area.  We laughed, played games, worked on business for the following year, and discussed issues that our club was facing.  I felt close to all and bonded with a few.

Healthy Fears, Is There Such A Thing? (#5)

It was a drop dead gorgeous Saturday when I was driving out of the parking lot of my complex.  I slowed my car to a stop so that I could check an email before entering the street.  A beep from a car startled me.  Unexpectedly, I felt a surge of anger.  I immediately drove into the street and pulled to the side to let the road warrior pass.  Despite tinted windows, I figured the driver was a she because of the Hello Kitty stickers plastered all over her car.