"Judgey, Wudgey..." (#24)

After my mother’s death, it took months before I could properly socialize.  I was incredibly nervous about being around so many people at once, but figured that the first time would inevitably be difficult.  With my favorite charity event around the corner, I decided to buck up and attend.   Despite my initial reservations, I had a wonderful evening filled with infectious laughter and contagious smiles. 

The Insufferable Know-It-All (#22)

I have always had a deep passion for reading.  Starting young, I’d soak up every type of fiction that my school and city library carried.  Initially, I held a safe distance from the characters in my novels, but as I got older, I distinctly remember becoming emotionally invoked by certain personality types, particularly, the “know-it-all.”  I would scoff and roll my eyes at the character.  It seemed completely natural to be put off by this behavior.

“Mirror, Mirror…” (#21)

Who doesn’t remember “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”  Iconized in Disney’s Snow White as a mystical face with omnipotent sight, this idea of the brutal honest reflection, at first glance, appears to be both a powerful gift and curse.  Wow, it’s beyond imagination to think that a magical mirror could tell you the truth, what no one else would dare say.  The only question is would I want to know?