The Ghost and The Phoenix (#34)

I wish that I was one of those people who matures and grows, emotionally and spiritually, during the good times in my life, but I’m not.  For whatever reason, when happy, I often run stagnant.  Instead, it is the tragedy within my life that motivates me to my greater good.  I’m not speaking of enduring because even a drug addict is enduring, just in the most dysfunctional way possible.  What I’m speaking of is the overcoming of hardships that all of us face at one time or another.  Those difficult times that appear insurmountable on the front end, and on the back end, you wonder how you wer

Zipping Through My Fears (#27)

I have a fear of heights.  What’s strange is this wasn’t always so.  I remember on one ordinary day, I looked down from the top of a boulder that I scaled in Lake Tahoe; it was the first time that I ever visibly shook from fear.  I was shocked by my own reaction because until that moment, I had no idea that this fear of heights existed. 

Guilt: A Gauge of the Soul (#12)

It was a Friday afternoon and I was running late, as per usual, to meet my best friend at our favorite bar.  With an espresso martini already waiting for me, I plopped onto the barstool.  I was beyond elated to be here after such a busy week, not to mention, I hadn’t seen my girl in what seemed like an eternity.  Our lives were changing so rapidly, I was afraid we’d soon be strangers. How silly, though, because our conversation and laughter echoed a friendship that was from many lives and not just this one.